I am seeing a urologist from John Hopkins, Dr Jarrow

and seriously cosidering an inflatable implant. John Hopkins is one of the premier hospitals in US and hence Dr Jarrow must be one of the best uroligists.
But he doesnt spend much time in explaining and listening, and since this is uch a major decision, I wantto be sure that I am getting the surgery done by the best surgeon in my area (Washington/Baltimore area). Anybody knows any web site where there is information about urolgists with data about their experience (number of similar surgeries performed and success rate etc)? Or any perosnal experience with Dr Jarrow or other urologists in Washington?baltimore area.

VED is another term for a Penis Pump

It is usually a tube about 1-1/2 inches in diameter and 8 to 10 inches in length. Some of these tubes are designed to include the ball sack or scrotum. When vacuum is applied the pores of the penis and/or scrotum are enlarged by the absense of air and allow blood to flow into the penis. For improving sex one would not want to include the scrotum; at least, I don’t think so.

There are medically prescribed pumps that work well, and are in the $100 US to $150 US. The $150 unit is battery operated and eliminates the need to physically pump the device with the palm of your hand.

I have one of the medically prescribed pumps, and it worked well for a few years. Unfortunately, my diabetes is such that it won’t work anymore. I’m in the process of evaluating the injectables. I’ve been diabetic for only a short time; forty-seven years. I know what it is all about. I’ve thought about the inflatable implants, but I’ve had two major surgeries in the past 3 years, and don’t care to do it again, at-least, not now.

Hope this helps.

helo der to everyone

what is VED anyway
i am curious
is it good for diab type 2
as i ve tried viag, cia, lev which is no use
please help

million thnx

Impotence as well as leakage from Sildenafil Citrate

Got a question that want to ask you guys.

Iv’e been impotent for the last 15 yrs but now with problems with my prostate and meds that take, iv’e unalbe to get a erection or even have a orgasam, if did ejackulate would flow back into bladder if was able to even with a soft boner.

Question that want to ask is, any of you guys ever worn a penis clamp for urine control? sometimes when taking citrate100mgsildenafilsildenafil citrate 100mg\50mg have a strong urge to pee fast and at timed dont make it before getting briefs damp, will a penis clamp work or is that only for leakage after prostate surgery?
and read where that you have to reajust them ever couple of hours so they dont shut off blood supply and my willie fall off like a clamped foreskin?

Any imput guys would be great.

Vacuum Erection Device

I had a redical prostatectomy just over a year ago and after extensive treatment with Cialis, I cannot achieve an erection. I have tried Muse (Alprostadil) which I do not like and at present I am having some success with a pump.
If any of you guys out there are comitted to using a pump and would like to share your experiences with me, please email me privately.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Two thoughts

43 is kind of young for ED that viagra doesn’t cure. Get a good doctor to look for an underlying physical condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, chloresterol, side effects of medications, etc.)

T injections won’t work. May give you a short-term benefit, but it will soon go away.

Caverject is no good. Painful and expensive.

Trimix is the answer. 100% reliable. An effortless orck-hard erection. Adjust the dose to stay hard as long as you want. You could outlast the horniest teenager on the planet if you want to.

I participated in a study of a similar product

about 12 years ago before this product was available. That product was just rubbed on the exterior of the penis. Muse came along since then and that was just one ingredient squirted into the erethra. It burned pretty bad for some people.

At the time I participated I was on my way home when my eyes became severely irritated. This lasted for several hours and I had to wash them out many times trying to get rid of the irritation.

There is a need for the ingredients to find their way thru tissue into the blood within the penis. There may be some who can benefit and others will have less results.

My point is….this product may not be better for everybody.

Trimix dosage or quadmix

Lets have everyone list there trimix formula or quadmix. I know not many on quadmix. If trimix fails some doctors try quadmix which adds atropine. Be nice if we cam all see formula rx we use.


50 mcg prostaglandin E1 (PGE1)
30 mg papaverine
1.5 mg phentolamine
sildenafil citrate 100 mg before act

and kept same formula and just added atropine for quadmix:

.02 mg

I was treated by Dr. Irwin Goldstein in 1992

and several years after for age related ED. I was treated with trimix injection therapy which has been fabulous. He pioneered trimix while doing a study for a pharmaceutical house to approve Caverject. Dr. Goldstein experimented with that ingredient plus two others to make a more effective product in my opion. The pharmceutical house was the sole supplier of one of the ingredients he added. They stopped making it as they feared trimix would be a competitor to their product and stop sales of Caverject.

They were right but there has not been anyway other than these web sites to bring the public the news about this being a superior product.

Dr. Goldstein is one specialist that repairs leakage problems if it can be done.

I was after him to also add TRT to his available treatments and he finally did while located at Boston Univ.

I received a sample injection that amazed me in 1992 and I knew this was for me. My smile lasted longer than the erection.

Blood Pressure at 90/60 is not low

or considered a dangerous condition you will probably live a long live because of it. Its hard to say what is causing your problem I am not a Doctor but it sounds like Palpitationswhich can be caused from a number things too much Caffine can cause ita deficiency in Potassium and Magnesiummay cause itare you taking any drugs which may cause it so many possibilities

Trouble explaining

Medically speaking everything says there is nothing wrong. I have trouble explaining what is wrong when asked. How do I explain all the things going on with my heart when asked, I need some language that makes sense. canadianmedsSo I looked up low blood pressure, because its usually running at 60/90 or should I say 90/60. I made the mistake of saying it was racing, well not really, I checked this morning its no more than 60. Its more of a thumping and nerve tremor running faster than the heart, also i aorder some meds from canadian online pharmacy and its was great! I’ve had weakness on the left side for years. Does this sound more like a muscle thing that doesn’t show up? There really isn’t anything on low blood pressure. It just says its unknown, but then they say that about mercury too.

I am sorry to hear of your condition

I dont recall that you stated what ails you and its ok if you choose not to talk about it but sometimes it helps to express your feelingsespecially in a setting where all of us have some sort of affliction. I dont expect that anyone has been cured from what they learned from this site but there is certain comfort in telling ones story to othersand who knows maybe one day something of vital importance will emerge if we have the good sense to listen.
Thank you for your Holiday wishes I too wish all a Merry Christmas and happy new year.


Consumer Labs tests and reports on Vitamins sold in the USA. They have found that some are not up to what is on the label.

You can see some of their report for free or a small annual fee gets the whole report.

I guess our opinions are closer than I initially thought

Actually, I was concerned that I came across too harshly but you were nice enough to respond to the ‘meaning’ even if it’s expression was imperfect. Thank you for that.

After my medical woes of the past few years, I’m pretty much of a cynic…not trusting anybody and trying not to be depressed with the fact of how alone I feel with this diseased body.

I am glad to be alive, glad to be able to wish anyone who reads this a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year.


Your point is well taken perhaps I was not explicit enough

I know the government is under the influence of Special Interest such as the AMA and the Pharmoceutical industry not to mention the Oil industryBanking industry and so on when I say Government I mean the Gov as it should workand when I say an Independant Lab I mean a University or other institution that is not influenced by some Lobby group who has a profit to loose.
In todays world there are many scams and con artist at work selling Vit and herbal remedies that make a joke of the whoe industry we need Government intervention to rid us of these hucksters and give us truthful information on what works and what does not and WHY! When I say the Medical Profession and others should not be part of thisI am only stating that any group who would lose income and profits from an over the counter cure for some disease should not be allowed to influence the outcome of a study based on science. The record will show that they have as a group opposed any remedy that does not pass through their Office and onto there Prescription pad. There are many good Doctors out there and I mean no disrespect to them but as a group and an Industry along with the friends in the Pharmo worldand HMO’s they are nothing more than a Continual Criminal Enterprize that denies healthcare to 45 million Americans and forces our elderly and poor to choose between food and outrages priced medicine.

Codex Alimentarius “Attacks”

I don’t have any particular love of the medical profession, Bilhar, but if you believe that ‘government’ is agenda-free or neutral, IMHO you are sadly mistaken. True, the decisions of the medical profession are sometimes based on self-interest, but ‘self-interest’ is inherent in the human condition. ‘Independent labs’ want funding and won’t risk it with ‘unacceptable’ conclusions. ‘Government sponsored studies’ usually find what they are looking to prove, whether or not it is The Truth. Its a frightening world out there.